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Canoe ride with my Dad and my wife Letty.

July 2012 Right click here and select Save Link as or just click to open and view.

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve December 24, 2012. Sadly I typed the wrong words into the wrong command window while doing some really geeky computer stuff and instantaneously wiped out 2 weeks worth of magic from December 14 - 29 approx. Thank God I had already uploaded most of it with this video being one of the greatest ten minutes of 2012. It is full 720+ HD so be sure to go to Fullscreen when you watch it - and turn up the volume.

Christmas 2012 - Flash Best way to watch. If this link doesn't work for you try the next one.

Christmas 2012 - HTML I haven't tested this link yet but it might work if the above does not.


Ruby's Videos

For my wife, she misses our pooch so I thought I'd send her a cute snippet of everyday life.

sorry, in progress.....