About Me:


    My name is Matthew Emery and I was born and raised in Northern New Hampshire.  I began working metals when I was still a teenager.  After several years as an industrial/construction welder I realized my passion for precious metals.  Under the advice from many friends and family I began crafting with sterling silver.  Soon I began to accumulate tools, skills and an interest in gold.  Being passionate about my craft I taught myself via books written by master goldsmiths and other jewelers.  My path has been a lucky one as I've become acquainted with so many talented and connected people who have all had an impact in the enrichment of my craft. 

    Daphne of Daphne's Jewelry Works  in Maine was one of the first who pointed me to Galen of New World Gems also in Maine.  Since then I've developed many many other friends and colleagues.  One person who has made a major contribution to my art and has promoted me, encouraged me and supported me through many years is Dick Poulin of Middle Earth in Berlin NH.  Dick is truly an altruistic person by nature and someone I feel very fortunate to have become acquainted with.

    In 2006 I had the opportunity to work under a master goldsmith in Lyndon Washington.  This turned into an incredible experience that finely tuned my skills, answered many questions I had and filled in any gaps that existed in my knowledge of the craft.  After working on my own for so many years, the guidance from a Master Smith was enough to put me in the ranks with other classically trained craftsmen.

    Since Washington State I was fortunate enough to work with another jeweler and travel the Northeastern quadrant of the country attending juried art shows and street fairs.  For six months I traveled from show to show, state to state networking with hundreds of other artists from all walks of life.

    Starting in August 2007 I attended Western New Mexico University where I completed work on my Bachelor's of Science and taught a Jewelry Making workshop for the Fine Arts Department.  This was also a wonderful experience to which I owe much appreciation to Michael Metcalf and Claude Smith for their support and encouragement.

    Currently I am continuing on to medical school here in Tucson Arizona.  So that puts me up to date, and sheds light on how I can provide friends, family and old and new customers with the highest quality jewelry, certified diamonds, custom design and  repairs for such a reduced cost.  I have no formal retail store, rather my entire workshop is incorporated into my home.  I like to have a personal connection with all of my customers as jewelry is such a sentimental adornment - especially the wedding sets and old family heirlooms I've repaired and reconditioned in the past.

    So to anyone new to my website or myself, I offer you my services and acquaintance.  Be assured that any work coming from me has been done by a highly experienced, skilled and proud goldsmith.  I take care of my work and customers for as long as it takes to keep everyone happy with their jewelry. 


Thank you for visiting.  Please feel free to call or email me anytime to talk, ask questions, or to just say hello.


Matthew Emery