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Filigree Kyanite

Hammered by hand, of course. This necklace is set with a Blue Kyanite. The stone has wonderful color bands running through it. Photographs do not do it justice.

Circles Pendant

Incredibly light and strong. Hammered and textured by hand. Sterling Silver.

Crescent Pearl Necklace

Light, hollow, yet durable. Fresh water pearl.

Unsunken Treasure

Sea Glass, Rubies, Sapphires, Diamonds and Sterling Silver "Pearls". This piece is entirely hand made including the chain.

14kt. Gold Dumbell

Forged from ingot to plates to the drawn wire for the bar. This little guy is the real deal. The plates are individually made and spin independent from the bar!


An Aquamarine, Emerald and Amethyst set in 14kt. white gold.


Any named or expression for that matter can be sawn out of solid stock like this peice was. The stone is a blue zircon, Decembers birthstone.

Cross and Chain

The chain is made of thick solid links, silver with every 4th link 14 kt. gold. Entirely handmade with no clasp. It was designed to 'just' fit over the customers head. How are you doing any way Elmer?


Solid 14 kt yellow gold. Citrine as the center stone, with small diamonds surrounding it.

Peruvian Opal

The filigree work is in 14 kt. gold as is the neck wire. The stone is translucent and very beautiful.

Handmade Chain

Silver with every 4th link 14 kt. gold

Silver Chain

Handmade links, with planishing on each one to give it more sparkle.

Double Loop in Loop

Each link is handmade and woven into this thick sturdy chain.

Aniversary Gift

Solid White Gold with certified diamonds.

Alexandrite/Peridot Heart

Both these pictures are the same pendant in different lighting. The idea is to show how the rare Alexandrite stone set on top changes color in different light. The Pink/Purple color is from incadescent lighting while the blue is under cool daylight/sunshine.

Alexandrites were first discovered in the 1800's in Russia and are considered one of the rarest stones on earth with large stones almost nonexistant.


Silver filigree work with a nice amethyst in the midst.

Silver Neck piece

A lot more work than it looks like. Forged 'icicles' with forged 14 kt. gold beads in between. All strung on a hand pulled silver neck wire. Very elegant.


A closer look at texture, shape and color.

Gold Heart

14 kt. with a plum colored sapphire.


14 kt. gold filigree work with an amethyst cabachon.